What I Believe Now After My Mormon Faith Crisis

Going through a faith crisis hurts. At times, it literally feels like you are dying. You feel lost because your worldview was your life’s map and now it is completely shattered. You feel alone because you don’t feel comfortable telling other believers about what you are going through. And you feel scared because for the […]

Why I Almost Left the Mormon Church

Growing up as a Mormon, the church was my life’s foundation. It was my rock. My family moved several times, and the church gave me something safe, stable, and familiar to hold onto. I knew that no matter what challenges or trials came my way, the church would still be there, offering me a home […]

How to Develop Unconditional Love: A Scientific Approach

“I’ll always love you.” It’s a powerful phrase. It’s a promise found in most wedding vows, and most parents will say it to their children. But, what does it mean to always love someone? What would it look like to truly love someone unconditionally? Is it even possible? I believe it is. And I believe […]

How to Build a Strong Family Culture: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ever wonder why biker gang members ride in packs, all sporting the same sleeveless leather jackets, riding the same brand of bike, and wearing the same "helmet" (aka their super cool hairdos)? These similarities represent biker gang culture. Their strong culture acts like social super glue, bonding group members together while encouraging similar (1) values, […]

Why Unschooling is Better for My Family Than Sudbury Schooling

My journey with alternative schooling began with an investigation of homeschooling, which led me to examine unschooling, and from there to look at Sudbury schooling. Along the way, I’ve also done an in-depth examination of Montessori and a few other schooling options I’d never even heard of. It’s been an amazing learning journey for me. […]

10 Proven Steps for Effective Lifelong Learning

After graduating college and devoting myself to entrepreneurship full-time, I started hearing from other entrepreneurs about how many books they were reading per year with one guy telling me that he was trying to read one book every day! Have you heard that the average CEO reads 60 books per year? I have. Have you […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Goal Setting

Setting a goal and reaching a goal are two very different things. I’ve been serious about goal setting since I was 16, and I’ve failed to meet many of my goals. Nothing is more frustrating than looking over a list of goals and realizing you failed to achieve even half of them. This has happened […]