40+ Tactics Used by Controlling Groups

“I’m surrounded by people who all believe, do, and value the same things as me! This is my home. These are my people!” Such is the ecstasy of belonging to a tight-knit group. We all crave community: a sense of belonging to a group. But in our quest for connection, we need to be careful that […]

What I Believe Now After My Mormon Faith Crisis

Going through a faith crisis hurts. At times, it literally feels like you are dying. You feel lost because your worldview was your life’s map and now it is completely shattered. You feel alone because you don’t feel comfortable telling other believers about what you are going through. And you feel scared because for the […]

Why I Almost Left the Mormon Church

Growing up as a Mormon, the church was my life’s foundation. It was my rock. My family moved several times, and the church gave me something safe, stable, and familiar to hold onto. I knew that no matter what challenges or trials came my way, the church would still be there, offering me a home […]