How to be Happy Right NOW

“I’ll be happy once I’m retired, once the house is paid off, once I’m married, once I’m divorced…” We all fall into this trap of thinking the grass will be greener once we get to that next milestone in our life. Especially in America, we can fall prey to the idea that happiness only comes […]

40+ Tactics Used by Controlling Groups

“I’m surrounded by people who all believe, do, and value the same things as me! This is my home. These are my people!” Such is the ecstasy of belonging to a tight-knit group. We all crave community: a sense of belonging to a group. But in our quest for connection, we need to be careful that […]

30+ Human Needs: A Comprehensive List

“You’re so needy!” It’s something that no one wants to be accused of, but the truth of the matter is that every human has needs. Tons of needs. The real issue is not that you have needs, but not being aware of them and not getting them met in healthy ways. The truth is this: […]

Lovingly Discipline Your Kids with These 9 Parenting Tools

When I first became a dad, I was overflowing with enthusiasm (and a good amount of ignorance). I thought that my love would be more than enough to succeed as a father. Afterall, “love is all you need,” right? THE MORE PARENTING TOOLS, THE BETTERI quickly discovered that love by itself often failed to provide […]