How to Make Your Own Homeschooling Board Game

One of the major reasons we decided to homeschool our kids was to preserve their love of learning. We want our kids to be self-directed learners, learning about the things they are passionate about.  That being said, there are certain things we really want our kids to know. Things that their passions may not lead […]

How We Teach Our Kids Life Skills Using 150+ Badges

Did school prepare you to succeed in the real world? I think most of us would answer with a resounding no. When we decided to homeschool our kids, we thought long and hard about the kind of adults we want our kids to become. I quickly realized that memorizing random facts about science or American history […]

How We Are Planning on Homeschooling Our Kids

It took a lot of time and research to make the informed decision to homeschool our kids. It took far more time and research to figure out how. After over a year of researching everything from homeschooling curriculums to alternative schools (like Montessori), we finally feel like we are figuring out what style of homeschooling […]

Why We Are Planning on Homeschooling Our Kids

I never imagined that I would someday be homeschooling my children, but here I am. With the twists and turns my life and my family’s life has taken over the past few years, I now can’t imagine anything but homeschooling. In this article, I want to share with you the journey that led us here. […]

Why Unschooling is Better for My Family Than Sudbury Schooling

My journey with alternative schooling began with an investigation of homeschooling, which led me to examine unschooling, and from there to look at Sudbury schooling. Along the way, I’ve also done an in-depth examination of Montessori and a few other schooling options I’d never even heard of. It’s been an amazing learning journey for me. […]